What’s Working for Armchem: Start the New Year with a Clean Slate (Part One – Restrooms)

What’s Working for Armchem:  Start the New Year with a Clean Slate (Part One – Restrooms)

Welcome to Armchem International’s inaugural blog, “What’s Working for Armchem.”  Our goal is to post content that helps your business work faster, cleaner, safer and smoother. We’ll be posting tips, promotions, news, videos and more every other Monday and hope to hear suggestions and comments from you too.

This year, Armchem International is celebrating our 30th anniversary.  We are very excited about our plans for 2013, which include a host of 30th anniversary sales promotions. You will be hearing more about these exclusive online offerings in the coming months, but only through this blog, in our monthly E-newsletter and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  So like us and follow us to start your savings.

This month is all about starting out 2013 right with a super scrub down of your facility.  Intense clean-ups require the highest standards, but are technically demanding and time and labor intensive.  Here are a few tips to help restore your restroom:

  • The best way to organize your cleaning is to spray everything down with disinfectant.   Start from the entrance of the bathroom and work your way around the room, then go back to the first area you sprayed and clean according to the order you sprayed.  It’s important to choose a disinfectant that kills a wide variety of bathrooms and germs.  The proprietary formula of Armchem’s Lemon Guard disinfectant is highly effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and demonstrates efficacy as a virucide, fungicide and mildew stat, and it leaves a refreshing lemon scent.
  • Restock the supplies. In addition to checking the soap, paper towel and toilet paper dispensers, add some Armchem Scented Bowl Clips and Armchem 4 in 1 urinal mats for a fragrant facelift.  Did you know that Armchem is best known as the industry leader in Jumbo Paper Rolls and Systems, including the best-selling “Mile to a Roll” toilet tissue, which is actually the length of a mile!
  • Dust any hard-to-reach areas around the corners of the room with the broom. Sweep and mop the floor thoroughly and be sure to get behind the toilets and in the hard-to-reach places.  Armchem offers hundreds of these cleaning tools in a multitude of sizes, options and price points.
  • Save time and money by using multi-purpose products like Armchem’s best-selling Dominate® High Octane Emulsifier Concentrate, can be used to sponge down sinks and spot clean the walls, partitions and any vertical surfaces.   Dominate is also great in the kitchen.

Ring in the year right!  From January 1 – February 15, 2013, Armchem is offering our online customers 10% off of some of our best-selling cleaning products: Dominate, Bactazyme, Luster and Nitrofoam.  In addition to the discount, you’ll also receive one free Armchem Scented Bowl clip and 4in 1 Urinal Mat when you purchase one case of any of these products.  Just enter promo code NEWYEAR13 at checkout. *
Don’t forget, check back in two weeks for our blog on kitchen and break room cleanups!

*Applies only to Dominate, Luster, Bactazyme and Nitrofoam. May not be combined with any other offer.


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