What’s Working for Armchem: “Start the New Year with a Clean Slate” (Part Two – Kitchens and Break Rooms)

What’s Working for Armchem:  “Start the New Year with a Clean Slate” (Part Two – Kitchens and Break Rooms)

In part one of “Start the New Year with a Clean Slate” we discussed tips for cleaning restrooms.  In Part Two, we’re “spilling the beans” on Kitchens and Break Rooms.

We all know the importance of daily and weekly clean-ups in any rooms where cooking and/or eating is done.  But a major cleanups, at least twice a year, is the right recipe for keeping customers and employees happy and safe.

  • Restaurants and food processing plants require food grade cleansers, but it’s always better and safer in any kitchen or break room to use a product that won’t be harmful if consumed when residue is left behind.  This is especially true in any area of the room where food is cooked or prepped such as ovens, grills or countertops.


  • Cleaning commercial ovens is usually a tough job, however, using the right tools and cleansers help.  Decarbonates like Armchem’s non-toxic Nitrofoam make this task easy as pie by penetrating and loosening burnt on soils and removing baked-on fats, greases, proteins and carbohydrate residue, so that they can easily be wiped off and rinsed clean.


  • Metals need more than just a wipe down.  Clean and restore items to their original shine with a 2 in 1 metal cleaner/polisher .   Armchem’s Luster works wonders on refrigerators, stainless steel countertops, slicing equipment, fixtures and water fountains.


  • Cleaning drains is a drag, but proper maintenance is crucial, as many problems can occur if there is a build-up of fat, oil and grease.  In addition to blockages and back-ups, improper maintenance of drains, grease traps, dishwashers and garbage disposals also cause foul odors.  Most agree, the easiest solution is to use a Bio-enzymatic cleaner, which is formulated with specific enzymes and “good” bacteria that digest soils.  Armchem’s Bactazyme contains the most live enzymes in the maintenance category and continues working long after it is applied.


Ring in the year right!  From January 1 – February 15, 2013, Armchem is offering our online customers 10% off of some of our best-selling cleaning products: Dominate, Bactazyme, Luster and Nitrofoam.  In addition to the discount, you’ll also receive one free Armchem Scented Bowl clip and 4in 1 Urinal Mat when you purchase one case of any of these products.  Just enter promo code NEWYEAR13 at checkout.*   Remember to follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages for exclusive deals like this one:

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